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BioTherm Celebrates 40 Years of Enhancing Plant Growth

A lifetime ago, BioTherm began with two teenagers and a startup – today we’re celebrating our life’s work, and our 40th anniversary.

“Our first invention was MicroClimate™ heating which really took off and put our startup on the map,” says Jim Rearden, co-founder. In 1980, this was an extraordinary breakthrough and offered growers a simple way to install hot water heating to warm plants from below.

“We never dreamed that BioTherm – and the horticulture & cannabis industry – would grow to what they are today.”

Today BioTherm encompasses a full technology suite for enhancing plant production. Besides a full portfolio of innovative heating products, the “BioTherm Touch” includes a Hydro Sciences division that offers technology to infuse dissolved oxygen in irrigation water, control irrigation water temperatures and flood and cascade style sub-irrigation systems. Our Optimized Air division offers products for dehumidification, air conditioning, and CO2 enrichment.

“It feels like just yesterday when we were teenagers with what we thought was a great idea,” says Mike Muchow, co-founder. “Today we are a little grayer, but no less enthusiastic about our new innovations and about helping cannabis growers reach new levels of production and efficiency.”

Over the past 40 years, BioTherm has helped growers in 50 states and 20 countries achieve peak plant growth and high production success rates. BioTherm’s sales representatives, in-house engineers, project managers, and CAD designers come together to deliver customized, innovative solutions.

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The BioTherm Process


Our experienced staff will walk through your specific wants and needs and show you how BioTherm can help.


BioTherm will design a custom engineered solution to meet your performance requirements.


Our easy-to-read proposal format clearly explains what’s in our system and how it operates.


Enjoy lifetime support of any BioTherm system! We are in this together.

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