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BioTherm Expands to South America via Brazil

Ola! Latin America BioTherm

Cotati, Calif., May 17, 2021 – BioTherm, the leader of cultivation climate technologies, has established BioTherm LATAM in Brazil, a move expected to bolster the regions’ demand for efficient cultivation technologies in greenhouse and indoor growing environments.

The new initiative comes at a time when the region’s greenhouse and indoor growing industries are experiencing remarkable growth.

BioTherm President and CEO Jim Rearden shared the news: “We have done many projects in South and Central America and have determined that it was time for a strategic presence there. We are thrilled to announce our LATAM expansion, beginning with the beautiful and diverse country of Brazil. It’s the next step as we continue to focus on strengthening our global presence and offer our cultivation climate technologies to growers around the world.”

Plinio Bocchino and Sime Larrat have joined BioTherm and are heading up the LATAM market. They will be focused on spearheading the company’s growth in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, and Central American markets by building strategic relationships with leading horticulture companies there.

“Now BioTherm is closer than ever to Latin American producers and resellers, providing the most efficient greenhouse climate technologies. We are happy and proud to be part of this very important moment!” says elated Bocchino.

Bocchino has an extensive background in marketing, communications, and sustainability. Starting his marketing career in 1984, he began working in creative planning and corporate customer service. In 1990, Bocchino founded pb.a !, a creative agency that creates content, marketing programs, and events for important companies in Brazil and Latin America. He has experience working with McDonalds, Walt Disney, Cinemark, Danone, Jungheinrich, Colgate, Whirlpool, Blachere Illumination, and more.

Since the 90’s, Bocchino has also been involved in important initiatives related to global sustainability. As superintendent of the Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica (SOS Atlantic Rainforest Foundation) and member of its Administrative Council for many years, he promoted projects for species planting and environmental protection.

Bocchino’s broad marketing and sustainability expertise will help influence BioTherm’s success in a new, international territory.

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