Marchando hacia adelante...

It’s the first week of the first March in a brand new decade. And well, it has been just over a solid year of this Covid craziness pervading almost every aspect of our lives. We were all caught up in it – many of us dragged and screaming all along the way.

Very few of us relish ANY changes in our lives that we are not in charge of. How dare ANYONE try to direct how we live our lives –and  how we navigate the world?

There are a million opinions about how well the pandemic has been handled – none of that matters now as we seem to be emerging from it all. At the outset, it all seemed so bleak – and scary too. As it turned out, there were many unexpected silver linings…

  • We discovered we can be really effective with all the new digital tools we have
  • We found other innovative ways to communicate with each other and make impressions
  • We found out our industry is incredibly important and resilient

Here at BioTherm, the lockdowns and travel bans have forced us to figure out what really matters and hone our way of doing business. Surprisingly, it has been really good for us – the world came to a stop last March and for a few months, things were really slow….for a while.

I grew up fishing on a commercial boat in summers in Alaska. When were not fishing, we worked on the boat and fixed the nets. That’s how we approached those scary slow months. Our team had a golden opportunity to dial in all kinds of initiatives that, in a “normal” year, we would have likely not gotten to. I am proud to say we had zero layoffs because of Covid.

Then the industry went “boom”! Since then, we have been incredibly busy helping growers like you optimize your mission critical growing environments.

One of the things we couldn’t do was attend all the trade shows and meetings we have become accustomed to over these last 40 years. We said to ourselves, “Well, if growers can’t make it to the shows, we will bring the show to them!”

Welcome the BioTherm mobile showroom! It will be coming to your area this year and we hope we can show you all the wonderful things our team can do to help you grow!

Keep Marching – Not even a pandemic can stop this industry!

Jim Rearden

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