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Air Conditioning & Dehumidification

Efficiently optimizing environments with BioTherm’s HVACD solutions.

Air Conditioning & Dehumidification (HVACD)

BioTherm’s AC/Dehu systems provide advanced climate control solutions for greenhouses and indoor cultivation, featuring both standalone dehumidifiers for precise humidity management and integrated 4-pipe systems that offer simultaneous heating and cooling for optimal environmental conditions. These systems ensure consistent temperature and humidity levels, promoting healthier plant growth and higher yields.

Under-sized and/or ducted system

Under-sizing your equipment can lead to equipment failure. Ducted systems can cause diseases in your air flow.

Custom engineered climate systems

BioTherm takes the time to learn your desired setpoints and will deliver a system that’s efficient and good for the plants.

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Air Conditioning Systems

4-Pipe System using Air Handlers

Air handlers don’t just blow cold air. Maintaining optimum temperatures within your greenhouse with BioTherm’s lineup of air handling products will also enable you to control humidity while maximizing your growing footprint. Air handlers are reliable, efficient, and can be customized to your specific needs. With a line of commercial units that can handle 2 to 20 tons (240,000 BTU).

Specialized Chillers

Once chilled, water can be distributed with many space saving-options, including custom air handling units. We offer a wide array of chiller sizes that are optimized for individual systems. BioTherm’s goal is to help you save time, money, and energy, while simultaneously growing the best plants possible.

Natural Gas Chillers

Where electricity is at a premium, we offer an optional natural gas engine-driven compressor that will help cut costs significantly. Our engineers are here to help determine the best chilling solution.

Standalone Dehumidifiers

Alongside our 4-pipe engineered system, our standalone dehumidifiers operate independently of the heating and cooling systems to remove excess moisture from the air.

Benefits of a 4-pipe system

Consistent Dehumidification

Air handler consistently dehumidifies with precise chilled water control, reducing energy consumption by 10%.

Heating/Boiler Efficiency

High-efficiency condensing boilers use 15% less energy for the same heat output as conventional gas unit heaters.


Turn off the chilled water system and utilize outdoor air during cooler months of the year, for up to 35% electricity savings annually.

How 4-pipe systems work

Humid air enters the air handlers and flows through Pipes 1 & 2 over a chilled coil, condensing moisture for drainage or reuse. Through Pipes 3 & 4, a second coil with warm water reheats the air for neutral discharge. The system operates via hydronic circuits connected to remotely located high-efficiency Raypak boilers and chillers.

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Why Work
With Bio Therm?

Proven industry leadership

For over 44 years, BioTherm has pioneered advanced greenhouse technologies. Our extensive expertise ensures each system is precisely tailored to optimize your agricultural operations.

Award-winning innovation

Our Roll’N Grow system, a 2022 finalist for Greenhouse Grower’s Technology of the Year, exemplifies our commitment to setting industry benchmarks for efficiency and performance.

Expert-endorsed solutions

Recognized in the Ball Redbook’s Crop Culture and Production Guidelines, BioTherm’s solutions come highly recommended for their effectiveness in improving heating and sub-irrigation practices.

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From boilers and aluminum fin pipe to dissolved oxygen, CO2 and air conditioning systems, we have all you need to create your perfect climate. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us!

Frequently Asked Question

Have more questions? Browse through our FAQs to find answers to common inquiries about the course, processes, and outcomes.

BioTherm’s AC/Dehu systems are advanced climate control solutions designed for greenhouses and indoor cultivation. They include both air conditioning and dehumidification capabilities to maintain optimal environmental conditions for plant growth.

The 4-pipe method involves a system with two pipes for heating and two pipes for cooling, allowing simultaneous and independent control of heating and cooling functions to maintain precise temperature conditions.

Yes, we do! Alongside our 4-pipe engineered system, our standalone dehumidifiers operate independently of the heating and cooling systems to remove excess moisture from the air.

A 4-pipe system offers superior climate control with the ability to provide simultaneous heating and cooling, which enhances energy efficiency, and allows for independent zone control. Ducting systems can struggle with airflow inefficiencies, maintenance/disease challenges, and limited flexibility.

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