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BioTherm Improves The Performance Of Their Popular Finned Heating Products

Cotati, Calif., July 25, 2022 – BioTherm’s engineers are tasked with constantly improving all the company’s products. They recently reviewed their tooling for their hydronic heat pipe products and realized that with a minor modification of adding small ridges to the surfaces, they could increase the performance by 6.7%-10.5% with only minor additional use of aluminum.

“It’s like we added micro-fins to the main fins,” said Jim Rearden, President. “We will be enhancing all of our heat pipe tooling to include these enhancements.”

Hydronic heat is a rugged, reliable system that delivers safe, efficient, and responsive heat at a lower operating cost compared to forced air. DuoFin® and StarFin® are the two products that will take on the new design. With their added surface area, horticulturalists can heat their greenhouses in a faster, more economic manner.

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Founded in 1980, BioTherm’s enhancements range from all kinds of heating and cooling systems to dissolved oxygen infusion for better irrigation, dehumidification systems and more, all of which optimize plant growth by enhancing the elements within the cultivation space. Knowledge and expertise have made BioTherm one of the most trusted sources for improving plant production. BioTherm’s innovations are proven to enhance cultivation operations by cutting costs and increasing plant yields.

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