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Does BioTherm offer any kind of technical support service to answer questions, get my equipment up and running, or help troubleshoot?

Absolutely!  BioTherm offers free phone & email support for everything we sell for as long as it is in service.  Just call our main phone number and ask for technical help.  We will record your information, the issues, or questions you have, and have a tech support agent will return your call.  No waiting on hold!  Even if you purchase a facility not realizing it had existing BioTherm equipment, we are here to help.  BioTherm agents will help you troubleshoot and diagnose issues over the phone or recommend a local service company to stop by and give you a hand.  Whether you newly discovered a piece of equipment with a BioTherm (or Trueleaf) sticker or it, have a boiler that is 25-30 years old and stopped running, or got a little behind on maintaining your system?  Call us and we will assist you every way we can to answer questions and get that equipment operational.

Can BioTherm provide supplemental CO2 dosing and how does the system work?

YES! We offer centralized CO2 dosing systems that use CO2 rich flue gasses from high efficiency clean burning condensing gas boilers. The CO2 gas is distributed with a purpose-built exhaust fan through custom distribution piping in the greenhouse.

What is dissolved oxygen and how does it affect plant health?

Dissolved oxygen is the amount of O2 molecules within a sample of water. In nature, the amount ranges between 0ppm and 8ppm. Plants, fish, and many other forms of life will die if there is no dissolved oxygen in their environment, and their health will suffer if the dissolved oxygen (DO) levels are low. Supersaturated DO in irrigation water allows plant roots to absorb nutrients more efficiently, encouraging root growth and improving overall plant health. Learn more about controlling your DO on our page about the TOOB dissolved oxygen infusion system.

What are the lead times on your products?

Lead times vary. Most commonly ordered items are in stock, such as the TOOB dissolved oxygen infusion system, many sizes of DehuKing dehumidifiers, and our parts catalog.

Can BioTherm systems control my temperature and humidity?

YES! We have forty years of experience designing systems that will control the conditions in your growing environment. Please, call or email us to start a conversation.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters is based in Cotati, California but we have regional sales associates all over the US!

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