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Plantcentric® Engineered Design Services

The future of greenhouse production is brighter than ever, and our BioTherm team is committed to delivering growers innovative solutions.

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We believe that profitability in greenhouse and nursery operations is a direct result of how well the plants perform…

This is why we focus on creating precisely the best possible environment for your plants to optimize their efficiency of growth. The result is maximum profitability for you!

We believe in this concept so strongly that we’ve coined the term “Plantcentric” to the extent of trademarking it. When your BioTherm system is engineered, we’re applying Plantcentric® concepts throughout the process. This is an umbrella concept that ensures you will get the environmental system that is best for growing your plants and your business.

Plantcentric® engineering is a unique approach to problem-solving that delivers maximum value.

Plantcentric® Engineering is a high-tech design platform that allows our engineers to design the best cultivation environment to help plants thrive. Our cultivation climate technology software is an amazing piece of software! Our experts can create a computer-simulated working greenhouse and “play” with the many variables that go into greenhouse design. We insert the dimensions, glazing, and desired setpoints, and a quote is quickly generated with our suggested engineered products and/or designs.

Explore our Plantcentric® Engineering services for the following climate technologies:


Our innovative, energy-saving greenhouse heating systems’ technology is designed to meet the individual needs of even the most demanding projects—whether through new construction, major upgrades, or retrofits. We tailor each system to specific climates and growing conditions. Our systems are durable and efficient. They result in high success rates and peak crop production. Includes Floor Heat, Perimeter Heat and Bench Heating.

Hydro Sciences

BioTherm Hydro Sciences has one simple focus… to enhance your greenhouse irrigation system and boost plant growth using cutting-edge technologies with efficiency in mind. Our products are proven to increase yields, improve plant vigor, and increase resistance to diseases and pests. Includes Flood and Cascade Floors, Irrigation Tempering, and Dissolved Oxygen Infusion.

Optimized Air

The atmosphere of the growing environment directly affects the health and productivity of the crop. BioTherm offers heating, cooling, dehumidification, air circulation, and CO2 enrichment to optimize the air in your greenhouse.

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The BioTherm Process


Our experienced staff will walk through your specific wants and needs and show you how BioTherm can help.


BioTherm will design a custom engineered solution to meet your performance requirements.


Our easy-to-read proposal format clearly explains what’s in our system and how it operates.


Enjoy lifetime support of any BioTherm system! We are in this together.

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