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Our greenhouse heating systems are tailored to each grower’s specifications, and our innovative technology meets the needs of even the most demanding projects – whether new construction, major upgrades or retrofits.

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Greenhouse Heating Systems

Our innovative, energy-saving greenhouse heating systems’ technology is designed to meet the individual needs of even the most demanding projects—whether through new construction, major upgrades, or retrofits. We tailor each system to specific climate and growing conditions. Our systems are durable and efficient. They result in high success rates and peak crop production. 

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BioTherm is more than just heating. We deliver the highest quality products with unparalleled service, saving you time and money. From initial consultation to installation, BioTherm’s staff helps you every step of the way. Each system includes comprehensive instructions for installation and operation, along with custom CAD drawings. All heating systems include two years of free support. 

BioTherm designs mission-critical greenhouse heating systems to ENHANCE crops. These buildings rapidly gain heat when the sun comes out and lose heat almost as fast when the sun disappears. Humidity levels can be jungle-like. The presence of water, fertilizer, and other corrosive chemicals is everywhere. We have invested over three decades into developing rugged heating solutions that are robust and designed to go the distance to help plants thrive. 

Bench Heat Enhancements

Floor Heat Enhancements

Space Heat Enhancements

Crop Heat Enhancements

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The BioTherm Process


Our experienced staff will walk through your specific wants and needs and show you how BioTherm can help.


BioTherm will design a custom engineered solution to meet your performance requirements.


Our easy-to-read proposal format clearly explains what’s in our system and how it operates.


Enjoy lifetime support of any BioTherm system! We are in this together.

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