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Biotherm Introduces New Plug-and-Play Rootzone Heating Product, Upstart™

Cotati, Calif., March 1, 2022 – Growers now have a quick, easy way to provide the game-changing rootzone heating that plants prefer. BioTherm has expanded its hydronic heating product line to include Upstart™, a professional rootzone heating kit using Roll’N Grow® heating mats, and a locally acquired domestic hot water heater.

upstart head unit

By attaching the Upstart’s head unit to a domestic hot water heater, hot water is pumped through Roll’N Grow heating mats. Plants are placed directly on the mat set atop either the floor or benches. The media temperature sensor tells the heating unit when to cycle on and off to maintain optimum media temperature.

Hydronic heat is a rugged, reliable system that delivers safe, efficient, and responsive heat at a lower operating cost compared to electric-based alternatives.

“The benefits of hydronic rootzone heating are well documented – some growers say they won’t produce plants without it,” says Jim Rearden, BioTherm’s President. “Upstart is our way of bringing affordable rootzone heating to all growers, regardless of their facility size.”

The Upstart™ is designed for growing areas 500 sq. ft. or less, but systems can be combined to address greater growing areas.

The Upstart® base system starts at $2,499 and includes:

1 – Upstart™ head unit

1 – 4’ x 25’ Roll’N Grow® Mat

1 – Piping & fitting pack for up to 25’ distance

Additional 4’ x 25’ Roll’N Grow mats are also available for $599 each. You can use up to 5 – 4’ x 25’ (500 sq. ft.) mats with each head unit.

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