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High-Efficiency Boiler Systems

Maximize Greenhouse Efficiency with High-Performance Boiler Solutions

High-Efficiency, Low Mass Boiler Solutions

Boilers are the heart of the greenhouse and key to climate conditioning systems. Our low-mass boiler systems are custom-engineered to maintain environmental setpoints, facility space, and are designed to operate as efficiently as possible. Boilers are a part of hydronic heating systems, irrigation tempering, CO2 enrichment, and are utilized in AC/Dehu systems.

Overseas one-size-fits-all climate design

High-mass boilers waste energy and drive up operational costs and utility bills.

BioTherm’s efficient power solutions

Our boiler systems deliver hydronic heat efficiently to help optimize healthy plant growth.

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Benefits of Low-Mass Boilers

High Efficiency

Condensing boilers are highly efficient, capturing and utilizing heat that would otherwise be lost. This results in significant energy savings and reduced operating costs.

Lower Fuel Consumption

Due to their high efficiency, condensing boilers consume less fuel compared to conventional boilers, saving money and reducing gas emissions.

Compact Design

Condensing boilers are often compact, making them suitable for greenhouse facilities/boiler rooms with limited space. Their small footprint allows for easy installation and integration into existing heating systems.

Precise Temperature Control

Condensing boilers offer precise temperature control, only providing heat when called for. This is crucial for maintaining optimal growing conditions and maxmizing crop yields.


Built for durability, condensing boilers offer a long service life with minimal maintenance requirements, ensuring uninterrupted heating through the growing season.

Official Supplier of Raypak® products to the CEA industry

BioTherm is the exclusive dealer for Raypak® boilers in the greenhouse market. Raypak continues to contribute to the category with innovations and efficiencies. They added condensing heat exchangers to extract almost every available BTU from the fuel.

Raypak’s diverse boiler offerings provide capabilities such as: modulating up and down to different heat loads, easily daisy-chaining to combine heat outputs, and cascading boiler systems to follow the seasonal changes for optimal boiler efficiencies.

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With Bio Therm?

Proven industry leadership

For over 44 years, BioTherm has pioneered advanced greenhouse technologies. Our extensive expertise ensures each system is precisely tailored to optimize your agricultural operations.

Award-winning innovation

Our Roll’N Grow system, a 2022 finalist for Greenhouse Grower’s Technology of the Year, exemplifies our commitment to setting industry benchmarks for efficiency and performance.

Expert-endorsed solutions

Recognized in the Ball Redbook’s Crop Culture and Production Guidelines, BioTherm’s solutions come highly recommended for their effectiveness in improving heating and sub-irrigation practices.

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From boilers and aluminum fin pipe to dissolved oxygen, CO2 and air conditioning systems, we have all you need to create your perfect climate. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us!

Frequently Asked Question

Have more questions? Browse through our FAQs to find answers to common inquiries about the course, processes, and outcomes.

A low-mass boiler is a type of boiler with a relatively small amount of water content, which allows it to heat up and cool down quickly. This makes it ideal for environments where rapid temperature changes are required, such as greenhouses.

Low-mass boilers are highly efficient due to their rapid response time and reduced standby losses. They can quickly adjust to the heating demands of the greenhouse, ensuring that energy is used effectively. Many modern low-mass boilers also have high-efficiency ratings, often exceeding 90%.

Redundancy in low-mass boilers is achieved by installing multiple units that can operate independently. This setup ensures that if one boiler fails, others can take over, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation of the heating system in the greenhouse.

Yes, low-mass boilers are highly scalable. They can be installed in modular configurations, allowing for easy expansion as the size of the greenhouse or the heating demand increases. This flexibility makes them suitable for both small and large greenhouse operations.

Low-mass boilers can be integrated with CO2 enrichment systems. The combustion process of natural gas or propane in the boilers produces CO2 as a byproduct. This CO2 can be captured and distributed into the greenhouse to enhance plant growth. Efficient integration ensures optimal use of resources and enhances the overall productivity of the greenhouse.

Low-mass boilers enhance sustainability by improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions through efficient fuel use, and enabling CO2 enrichment, which supports plant growth and increases crop yields. Their ability to quickly adapt to changing heating demands also minimizes energy waste.

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