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Dissolved Oxygen Systems

Increase yield, root growth, prevent diseases, and increase nutrient uptake with dissolved oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen Systems

Dissolved oxygen is the missing nutrient in your irrigation water. Increasing dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in your irrigation system is one of the most innovative ways to enhance your plants’ health and production. Our dissolved oxygen solutions are simple and efficient, easy to install, and scalable for your irrigation needs.

Unreliable DO technologies

Systems unable to meet desired DO setpoints.

Plug-and-Play Dissolved Oxygen Systems

Our systems are designed to be easy to install and seamlessly integrated.

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Dissolved Oxygen Solutions


DGS-M™-Dissolved Gas System The DGS-M is our entry-level dissolved oxygen system. Capable of handling up to 4000 gallons per day, and can be used in a reservoir tank or deep water culture (DWC).

OGS™-Oxygen Gas System

The OGS uses advanced technology to generate oxygen, ensuring that water supplied to plants has optimal dissolved oxygen levels. The OGS is designed for easy installation and integration into a DGS oxygen system. The plug & play design means that it can be quickly set up with minimal technical expertise.

DO Stat™

Your crop depends on consistency, and dissolved oxygen (DO) is a difficult variable to control, but the BioTherm DO Stat works with the DGS systems to optimize DO levels at your set point. The DO Stat reads dissolved oxygen and temperature in your irrigation line or tank, and controls the oxygen infusion process. Touch screen user interface displays real-time data and allows navigation to adjust settings and alarms.

Benefits of Dissolved Oxygen

Faster Crop Turnover Rates (1-2 weeks less)

Dissolved oxygen is proven to help expedite plant growth. Faster crop turnover = faster ROI.

Increased Plant Growth

Customers have reported that dissolved oxygen has helped increase the size of their products. Lettuce heads were increased by 50%!

Reduced Disease Pressure

Dissolved oxygen combats diseases in plants by promoting healthier root systems and inhibiting the growth of anaerobic pathogens.

How does the DGS-M™ Series Infuse Dissolved Oxygen?

Leveraging our 44-year expertise in fluid dynamics and materials science, we have successfully developed our proprietary nanobubble technology, featuring a unique combination of precision engineering and innovative processes to produce nanobubbles with unparalleled stability and efficiency in diverse agricultural applications.

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Dissolved Oxygen and Plant Root Health

Roots receive the essential elements your plants require to grow and thrive: water, oxygen, and nutrients. When crops do not receive a proper amount of dissolved oxygen, the root system weakens and compromises their ability to absorb nutrients. This put your crops at risk for disease. Studies have proven that elevating the dissolved oxygen levels in water result in increased root growth. Plants with bigger roots grow faster and healthier, due to increased nutrient consumption and distribution. Increasing the oxygen saturation levels maximizes your crops ability to utilize essential nutrients and defend itself from diseases and pests.

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With Bio Therm?

Proven industry leadership

For over 44 years, BioTherm has pioneered advanced greenhouse technologies. Our extensive expertise ensures each system is precisely tailored to optimize your agricultural operations.

Award-winning innovation

Our Roll’N Grow system, a 2022 finalist for Greenhouse Grower’s Technology of the Year, exemplifies our commitment to setting industry benchmarks for efficiency and performance.

Expert-endorsed solutions

Recognized in the Ball Redbook’s Crop Culture and Production Guidelines, BioTherm’s solutions come highly recommended for their effectiveness in improving heating and sub-irrigation practices.

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Frequently Asked Question

Have more questions? Browse through our FAQs to find answers to common inquiries about the course, processes, and outcomes.

A dissolved oxygen system is designed to maintain optimal oxygen levels in the water used for irrigating plants. This is crucial for healthy root development and overall plant health

Dissolved oxygen is essential for root respiration and nutrient uptake. High DO levels help prevent root diseases and promote vigorous plant growth.

Yes, our plug & play systems are versatile and can be used in various cultivation setups, including hydroponics, aeroponics, and traditional soil-based systems.

While all plants benefit from adequate oxygen levels, those grown in hydroponic or aeroponic systems, as well as plants with high oxygen requirements, such as lettuce, strawberries, and cannabis can see significant improvements in plant heath and yield.

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