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PODCAST: What Plants Crave feat. Jim Rearden and Thad Humphrey

Hey! We’re on a podcast! ⁠

BioTherm’s Jim Rearden and Thad Humphrey join Dr. Greenhouse to geek out over greenhouse environmental management. Jim and Thad have a combined 53 years of experience helping greenhouse growers optimize their environments and they share their take on the optimal climate technologies that help plants thrive.⁠

Listen to Dr. Greenhouse and BioTherm get to the root of the matter about what plants crave from technology.

What Plants Crave feat. Craig Burg pt. 1 The Doctor Is In

Today’s episode continues our new special series “What Plants Crave from STEM.” In this new series, Dr. Sabeh will be interviewing equipment suppliers, manufacturers, and developers about the unique technological needs for growing crops indoors and greenhouses. This week we are talking to Craig Burg.Craig Burg is the Vice President of Engineering for Desert Aire LLC. He has worked for Desert Aire for 24 years designing and leading product development as well as application efforts. He currently oversees research and development, custom system engineering, product testing, manufacturing engineering, and quality.Timestamp Notes:0:02:55 Ho did you first get started in HVAC?00:07:45 Why was Desert Aire interested in working in CEA?00:09:45 How did you figure out there was a large dehumidification load for indoor crops?00:12:20 What makes indoor plant environments so different from your other equipment applications?00:15:46 Tell us about the equipment types you manufacture and what their differences are.00:22:35 The benefits of an integrated system00:27:00 What is hot gas reheat?00:29:10 What is hot gas bypass?00:37:55 Is this equipment specialty enough that a technician would need special training or education to service it?00:42:30 Can you speak to the seemingly endemic problem of compressor failures?00:46:40 Getting into superheat00:49:50 What is so special about indoor plant environments?00:53:30 Are you seeing better specifications or questions from design engineers?00:56:20 If there was advice you could give to growers or their service techs on maintaining their equipment, what would it be?
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