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Ball Tagawa Growers

Ball Tagawa Growers replaced their 151,900 sq. ft. greenhouse’s old, inefficient heating system with BioTherm’s Duofin under-bench heating.

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Grower Cameron Vaughn, Facilities Manager
Company Ball Tagawa Growers
Location Arroyo Grande, CA

The Challenge

When Cameron assumed the position of Facilities Manager, he inherited a range of unheated, roll-up wall greenhouses with mobile benches. His growing program used this range intermittently for overflow, but he wanted to expand its functionality. Their low-grade insulation and location on the outer edge of the campus posed a challenge.

The Solution

Cameron was familiar with BioTherm’s DuoFin under-bench heat, which was added to Ball Tagawa’s 151,900 square foot greenhouse. He knew the system was reliable and efficient to operate, generating impressive returns on investment.

How It Works

BioTherm DuoFin heating system runs within the framework of mobile benches, suspended above the floor to create a convection draft. Heat rises up through the expanded metal, heating the root zone and lifting humidity from the canopy up into the greenhouse trusses. Made of aluminum, DuoFin never needs painting and will never rust, providing years of maintenance-free service.

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