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Beth’s Ornamentals

Beth’s Ornamentals switched to BioTherm’s in-bench heating system which allowed her to start propagating her own starts and control costs and consistency.

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Grower Beth Tinsdale
Company Beth’s Ornamentals
Location Tacoma, WA

The Challenge

Beth was tired of the changing cost of plugs she purchased for her 5,000 square foot ornamental perennials operation. Further, she couldn’t control the consistency of the product. She wanted to do her own plug propagation.

The Solution

BioTherm provided Beth with an easy-to-install Bench Warmer kit that provides gentle and consistent heat for 950 square foot of her metal-topped benches. The durable MicroClimate tubing fit perfectly into the framing, underneath the metal tops, providing a smooth and accessible heated surface. The system is small enough that a traditional tanked hot water heater is a sufficient heat source. Beth is now able to propagate her own perennial starts and control the costs and consistency of her products.

How It Works

The innovative BioTherm Bench Warmer heating system delivers the perfect amount of heat energy right at the benchtop, where the plants grow. The tubing is evenly spaced to ensure even heating with no chance of striping, which is especially important for propagation.

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