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Front Range Biosciences

Front Range Biosciences launched their new facility with BioTherm’s MicroClimate hydronic heating system which resulted in stronger, healthier crops.

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Grower Mike Westendorp
Company FrontRange BioSciences
Location Salinas, CA

The Challenge

Mike Westendorp of Front Range Biosciences needed to launch a new facility in Salinas, California. After delays in permitting and construction, Mike wanted to start producing plants as soon as possible on a predictable schedule. He had grown with BioTherm systems on the east coast, and he knew that he could count on MicroClimate™.  

The Solution

Mike had seen other growers use hot-air heating for propagation, which caused high transpiration rates, resulting in tall, skinny, stretched-out plants with weak roots. Instead, Mike used BioTherm’s MicroClimate™ hydronic heat to warm the soil temperatures to a constant setpoint, generating strong roots and healthy plants.  

How It Works

MicroClimate™ tubing is roughly one quarter inch exterior diameter, filled with gently heated water that circulates when the temperature sensor in the soil calls for heat. Mike Westendorp said, “The bottom heat gives you a much higher quality plant. You have more versatility in growing plants; you can regulate the environment much better. The BioTherm system cut our rooting time from twenty-one days to fourteen days, with much better root quality. It’s freakin’ awesome.” 

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