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Little Prince of Oregon

Thanks to the Roll’n Grow’s easy-to-use design, Little Prince of Oregon installed their 150x200ft greenhouse’s bottom heating system in less than a week.

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Grower Mark Leichty
Company Little Prince of Oregon Nursery
Location Aurora, OR

The first three BioTherm projects we did were specifically for propagation. For the type of plants that we are rooting at Little Prince, even bottom heat is critical to success. Bottom heat makes plants root faster and more uniformly, creating liners that transplant with high rates of success. Bottom heat is also a very efficient way of heating greenhouses in the winter. Our BioTherm heating systems supply heat directly under plants, providing them with a warm microclimate in which they thrive.

The Challenge

Mark had a greenhouse that needed bottom-heating. Despite being pleased with the performance of our MicroClimate tubing, the task of installing it in a large greenhouse complex was daunting.

“I installed my very first BioTherm under bench heating system in a 30 x 96 greenhouse some 20 years ago. At that time, the standard method was to install all the supply and return headers and then run literally miles of microtubing on or under the benches. Each “loop” connected to the supply header and ran down to the end of the bench and looped back to connect to the return header. It was attached to the bench with grabber track that was installed every 4 feet so that the tubes stayed a uniform distance apart as flats slid across them in production.

That greenhouse needed 11,000 feet of microtubing, and it took me a couple of weeks to install all the tubing because it was tedious work. It performed perfectly once completed and continues to be operational today. When I came to Little Prince 8 years ago, I installed 3 similar systems with microtubing in even larger greenhouses. It’s very labor-intensive to lay out all the grabber track and tubing. I had three guys working for 2 weeks to finish a 30 by 144-foot greenhouse.”

The Solution

Roll’N Grow!

“When I contemplated doing a bottom heat system in a 150 by 200-foot gutter-connected range, the job of laying out all that tubing was overwhelming. It was then that I learned about Roll N’ Grow. To make a long story short, between myself and two other guys, one with no experience, we installed Roll N’ Grow in all five bays in one week. That’s about 25 miles of tubing!  No need for grabber track, just roll and go! I’m so happy with this product and how it has transformed the process of creating heated floors. It’s the best labor-saving advancement I’ve seen in greenhouse heating technology in my nearly 40 years in the industry. I am so pleased to endorse this great product!”

How It Works

If you’re in need of bottom-heat but don’t have the means of installing a large span of MicroClimate tubing, our Roll’N Grow can help you cut a couple steps out of your installation. It’s self-explanatory; simply Roll out your Roll’N Grow heating mats, connect to your boiler and controllers, then start growing! If in need of a custom-sized Roll’N Grow, we’ll gladly design one for a minor fee. Radiant bench-heating is a safe and energy-efficient means of supporting your crop, no matter what the weather has in store for you. Typical energy savings are between 50-70% when using our hydronic heating systems. Ideal for growing in beds, benches or floors.


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