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Mioux Florist

Mioux Florist chose BioTherm’s MicroClimate to produce more even heating exactly where the plants need it and still saved 25% on their heating bills.

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Grower Joe Mioux
Company Mioux Florist
Location Breese & Greenville, IL

“We love the idea of heating just the space where plants grow. I still grow Easter Lilies and having bottom heat makes growing them so much easier.”

Just like his great grandfather, grandfather, and father, Joe Mioux understands the importance of heating plants where they need it most — the roots! As a fourth generation greenhouse grower, Joe has seen many challenges, and BioTherm Solutions has helped him tackle nearly every one.

The Challenge

Joe’s great grandfather started their flower shop and greenhouse business in 1876. For nearly one hundred years, they utilized a coal-fired hot water system to heat the greenhouses. Imagine the time, energy, and resources this method required.

The Solution

After transitioning to a forced air fan jet system from 1967 to 1984, Joe’s father discovered the original BioTherm MicroClimate heating system. Using a boiler in conjunction with MicroClimate tubing, he found a solution that would continue to stand the test of time.

“When my dad decided to add back some greenhouse space, he chose BioTherm.  We love the idea of heating just the space where plants grow.  I still grow Easter Lilies and having bottom heat makes growing them so much easier.”

Joe also sees the benefits up and away from the roots, as well: “I also appreciate the more even heat we get in the greenhouse versus the more cyclical, up and down temperature movement a grower gets with forced hot air.”

Not only does Joe’s greenhouse system help his plants thrive, his operational costs also improved over time. In 2017, Joe purchased a new boiler (600,000 BTU) and his heating bills were lowered by 25%!

How It Works

The generation and delivery of heat through a hot water system is an efficient method of transporting energy, whether the distance is long or short. “In my system, the heat doesn’t stop when the pumps shut off.  The plants continue receiving heat from the warm water in the tubes.” Pumping hot water from a boiler to our innovative MicroClimate heating tubes delivers the perfect amount of heat energy right at the bench top, where the plants grow.

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