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Sierra Gold Nursery

Sierra Gold Nursery installed both heating and cooling systems from BioTherm to control their greenhouse’s climate in both cold and hot weather.

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Company Sierra Gold Nursery
Location Sutter County, CA
GROWER STORIES EP. 4 | Sierra Gold Nursery

GROWER STORIES EP. 4 | Sierra Gold Nursery

The Challenge

When Sierra Gold Nursery decided to pursue a plant tissue culture project, they needed special rooms that could be precisely calibrated for humidity, temperature, and light. Delicate samples are expensive to cultivate, and the failure rate is unpredictably high. To control costs by controlling mortality, Sierra Gold needed to perfectly control the environment. BioTherm was already installing the heating solution in another project, so they asked, “Do you do cooling, too?”

The Solution

BioTherm used high thermal-transfer StarFin™ to surround Sierra Gold’s acclimation chambers. During hot weather and when lights are running, cold water circulates within the StarFin™, keeping the environment cool. When the seeds need more warmth, hot water flows through the same pipes.

How It Works

The boiler and chiller for all the acclimation chambers connect to valves above each chamber, connected to a control that monitors and controls temperature, humidity, and light.

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