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Air Conditioning

BioTherm is proud to offer a variety of greenhouse air conditioning solutions to growers all over the world. Our systems can be customized to accommodate your greenhouse design, saving you space, cutting costs, and conserving energy.

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One of the most important features of a climate-controlled horticulture environment is air conditioning. While BioTherm has been known for our heating solutions for over 40 years, we also know how important it is to control temperatures to optimize growing conditions. Overheating is a problem no cultivator wants to encounter during their grow. Optimize climate control in your greenhouse or grow room with air conditioning solutions from BioTherm for ideal growing conditions.

Why is cooling a greenhouse just as important as heating it?

  • Controlling the temperature within your greenhouse
  • Controlling the humidity within your greenhouse
  • Decreasing stress on plants
  • Increasing crop yields and preventing losses
  • Increasing crop quality

In many cases, weather can fluctuate during the day and throughout seasons, which has a direct impact on the temperature inside a greenhouse. This presents challenges to growers who need to maintain a specific growing environment for their plants. It also can cause issues with increased humidity, which can lead to unwanted pests and pathogens within a greenhouse environment. Grow room air conditioning solutions can help regulate temperature fluctuations with either air handlers or specialized chillers.

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Air Conditioning Systems

Air Handlers

Air handlers don’t just blow cold air. Maintaining optimum temperatures within your greenhouse with BioTherm’s lineup of air handling products will also enable you to control humidity while maximizing your growing footprint.

Air handlers are reliable, efficient, and can be customized to your specific needs. With a line of commercial units that can handle 2 to 20 tons (240,000 BTU), BioTherm is ready to help ensure your air conditioning issues are under control with BioTherm. We’re ready to get you growing happy, healthy crops that result in high-quality yields, all while increasing efficiency and cutting costs for years to come.

Join the many BioTherm clients growing superior crops all over the world. Contact us today to start customizing the perfect greenhouse air conditioning system.

Specialized Chillers

BioTherm is proud to bring you a variety of greenhouse cooling solutions. Once chilled, water can be distributed with many space saving-options, including custom air handling units and the BioTherm SunFin, StarFin, and DuoFin products. We offer a wide array of chiller sizes that are optimized for individual systems.

BioTherm’s goal is to help you save time, money, and energy, while simultaneously growing the best plants possible. Where electricity is at a premium, we offer an optional natural gas engine-driven compressor that will help cut costs significantly. Our experts are here to help determine the best chilling solution to help enhance your operation today.

Products for Air Conditioning

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