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Circulation Fans

Air movement plays a critical role in maximizing a greenhouse or grow room’s potential. Our new premium circulation fans offer reliable and effective airflow to best combat stagnant air and dial in your grow space.

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Circulation Fans Systems

Horizontal Air Flow Fans

Horizontal airflow fans provide enhanced air circulation throughout a growing space to aid plant health by uniformly distributing air, humidity, and CO2. By enhancing airflow, growers can stamp out stagnant air pockets and utilize their dehumidifiers, CO2 systems, and other climate control equipment more effectively.

Given their aerodynamic design, growers can use these HAF fans more economically compared to basket-style HAF or oscillating fans.

Vertical Air Flow Fans

BioTherm’s vertical airflow fans provide an excellent solution to air circulation from underneath the canopy. Easy to mount and install, these fans provide a circulatory air flow that pushes air outward along the roof and walls of your grow space and then pulls said air upward through the canopy in one contiguous pattern to uniformly mix your local atmosphere to your plant’s liking.

Products for Circulation Fans

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