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CO2 Enrichment

To help your plants grow and, more importantly, thrive, increasing CO2 levels within your greenhouse or indoor environment is essential. Our innovative greenhouse CO2 enrichment systems utilize condensing boilers to achieve elevated carbon dioxide levels and even distribution throughout your space.

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The interest in CO2 enrichment has risen and declined several times throughout this century. During the last few years this interest has strongly increased. For one, we have a better scientific understanding of how CO2 affects plants. Plus, the grow industry has seen an increase in more non-polluting carbon dioxide sources.

Importance of CO2 Enrichment

Increased CO2 concentration decreases the oxygen inhibition of photosynthesis and increases the net photosynthesis in plants. This is the basis for increased growth rates caused by carbon dioxide at low as well as at high light levels. Elevated CO2 concentrations also increase the optimal temperature for growth.

Growers can integrate BioTherm’s CO2 enrighment system with the right condensing boiler system in place. In return, they can achieve elevated CO2 levels in the greenhouse environment effortlessly.

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Customer Estimated Cost Savings

Facility Sq/ftBTUHCo2 Hrs p/dayTotal BTUH p/day Therms$ p/thermGas Cost p/dayGas cost p/year
Cost for Co2 Tank Operation$156,234.00
Annual savings using Co2 from Boiler System$90,205.50

CO2 Enrichment Systems

Centralized C02 Distribution

CO2 levels are naturally low in a greenhouse environment as plants use available carbon dioxide as part of the photosynthetic process.

Increasing CO2 levels above ambient conditions promote increased plant growth and health. With the right condensing boiler system in place, a BioTherm grow room CO2 enrichment system can easily be integrated to achieve elevated carbon dioxide levels in the environment.

BioTherm systems pull carbon dioxide directly from the boiler’s exhaust gases and distribute them uniformly into the growing environment while ensuring other harmful gases are kept at a safe level.

With a BioTherm CO2 enrichment system, there is no need for large bulk tanks or individual carbon dioxide burners. These systems can be used in indoor and greenhouse operations.

BioTherm's CO2 Enrichment

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