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Moisture control and humidity management are fundamental needs within any growing environment. Our partnership with ChillKing allows us to meet the needs of any grower, while providing efficient solutions without compromising performance.

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BioTherm understands the demands of indoor gardening and greenhouse crops. A major issue is moisture control & humidity management. We have developed a line of pragmatic dehumidification solutions for agricultural applications without compromising performance. A saturated atmosphere will result in moisture removal up to 2GPH per KW.

The units were developed to make sure the equipment was easily serviceable, so replacement parts can be purchased at most refrigeration and HVAC supply stores (and other brands can be substituted with our approval if the exact part number cannot be located).

Dehumidification Systems


BioTherm’s line of high performance, energy-efficient, free-standing dehumidifiers are designed to control damaging moisture and humidity in industrial buildings and greenhouses. BioTherm’s dehumidifiers utilize the latest heat transfer refrigerant technology to drastically improve performance and be the most economical solution in the industry.


Centralized Chillers

Large-scale growing operations control humidity levels with integrated heating and cooling systems. The air handlers in the growing spaces summon heat from the boilers or cooling from the chillers, regulated by the greenhouse’s environmental controls.

BioTherm’s Centralized Dehu & A/C Systems

Enhanced Facilities Using Dehumidification Solutions

Products for Dehumidification

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The BioTherm Process


Our experienced staff will walk through your specific wants and needs and show you how BioTherm can help.


BioTherm will design a custom engineered solution to meet your performance requirements.


Our easy-to-read proposal format clearly explains what’s in our system and how it operates.


Enjoy lifetime support of any BioTherm system! We are in this together.

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