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In-crop Heating

While traditional forced air heating systems can be costly and inefficient, hydronic systems are energy-efficient and cost-effective while delivering heat exactly where you want it to be. Our in-crop radiant heating systems are installed in and around your plants to deliver heat directly to the canopy or the rootzone. 

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Hydronic Heating Versus Forced Air Systems

Forced air systems rely on directly warming air which is a poor heat conductor making them slow and ineffective. And these systems pump that hot air air back into the grow room at designated choke points. This hot air is then distributed unevenly affecting your plants. On the other hand, our innovative hydronic systems circulate consistent, radiant heat via water pipes distributed throughout your facility. The result is quick, even climate control with less effort. 

Our vertical in-crop heating systems are a much more efficient way to provide heat. A vertical loop of our innovative DuoFin piping can provide as much heat as forced air heating. However, because of its placement, our system concentrates heat directly around your plants where it’s most needed. Plus, this system is ideal for hanging plants in commercial greenhouses where you need to maximize both horizontal and vertical spaces without worry of uneven grow environments. 

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