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Experience optimal plant growth with tempering solutions customized to your operation. The use of BioTherm Solution’s pre-heating and pre-cooling systems will prevent thermal shock, increase rooting, and prevent disease.

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Each plant species prefers to be irrigated with water that is the “right” temperature — just as mother nature intended. Irrigating with appropriately tempered water will encourage faster plant growth and produce greater yields. 

University studies have shown that, after watering, a plant’s growth can stop for hours until the media temperature recovers from the cold shower you just gave them. Now you can provide your plants with a shower of water sent at the optimum temperature to keep them actively growing. 

Whether you irrigate with cold well water warmed up prior to irrigation or with warm water that needs to be cooled down, we can help. BioTherm Solutions provides stand-alone systems or integrated pre-heat and pre-cool systems that work in tandem with our traditional heating and cooling designs. 

Advantages of Irrigation Tempering 

  • Prevents thermal shock (plant growth can stop for hours when doused with cold water) 
  • Warm water increases rooting, germination rates, and improves nutrient mixing 
  • Helps prevent spotting and disease 

Heating a greenhouse but watering with cold water wastes energy. Not only can irrigating plants with cold water shock plants, extra fuel is required to reheat the greenhouse water when watering with cold water. 

Our irrigation pre-heat and pre-cool systems are custom designed by our BioTherm engineers. If you have an existing hot water heating system, we can integrate our tank and heat exchanger to provide warmth in your irrigation system. If you don’t heat with hot water, we will design and provide a standalone system. Either way, if you want your plants to treat you right, treat them right … water them with tempered water from a BioTherm system. 

Tempering Systems


You might be surprised to find out that it is not only the plant that can experience shock from cold water, but also the medium it is growing within. Both plants and soil biology thrive when watered at optimal temperatures.

Pre-heating your irrigation water can have many benefits, as mentioned above. By implementing a pre-heating system from BioTherm Solutions, you will eliminate nutrient waste, improve plant growth, and produce quality harvests time and time again.


Depending on your situation, you might also be looking to pre-cool your irrigation water to achieve the optimal temperature for your plants. We design systems specific to your growing needs, helping you to achieve amazing results. Not only will a controlled pre-cool system help your plants grow better, it will save you time, energy, and money.


Get the best of both worlds with a combination pre-heat and pre-cool system. Here at BioTherm Solutions, we aim to meet the needs of cultivators of all kinds. No matter what temperature your plant requires or how your greenhouse is designed, we will work with you to maximize growth through tempered irrigation systems.

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