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Plantcentric® Controlled
Environment Arcade

A complete, engineered modular solution for your greenhouse climate needs to provide the optimal growing conditions for indoor plant cultivation.

A North American solution to closed & semi-closed greenhouses.

The days of waiting for a North American turnkey solution for a fully-integrated climate solution are over. Each system is custom based on your facilities’ geographical weather data, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Commercial growers all over the world have learned the benefits of cultivating in a semi-closed/closed greenhouse environment.

Overseas one-size-fits-all climate design

Overseas OSFA have created logistical issues with hitting setpoints, talking to support, and ordering parts.

BioTherm’s PCEA® custom climate system

Our systems are designed, engineered, and supported in North America using Imperial measurements.

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Heating Applications

Creating Optimal Growing Conditions

The Plantcentric® provides precise control over temperature, humidity, airflow, and CO2 levels. This creates an optimal growing environment for plants, ensuring consistent and high-quality yields. The ability to tailor these conditions to the specific setpoints and needs of different crops leads to healthier plants and more efficient use of resources.


  • Optimized area of grow space
  • Creates a uniform, stress-free environment
  • Modular and expandable
  • Achieve a better greenhouse climate
  • Higher production levels = faster ROI
  • CO2 is conserved
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Fuel savings
  • Integrates into all major environmental control systems
  • No shade creation from equipment in grow space

Typical Applications

With over 10 modes of climate control, the Plantcentric® enables growers to tailor these conditions to the specific setpoints and needs of different crops leads to healthier plants and more efficient use of resources.

Benefits of Plantcentric® Controlled Environment Arcade

Stress-Free Environment

By creating the perfect climate for your plants, you ensure optimal growth and productivity.

Optimized Area of Grow Space

Eliminate shadows and excess heating from mechanical equipment in the grow space.

Achieve a Better Greenhouse Climate

Maximize your greenhouse to its fullest potential by utilizing mechanical equipment efficiently.

How the Plantcentric® Controlled Environment Arcade Works

The PCEA® has over 10 modes of various climate control settings. From heating & cooling, dehumidification & CO2, and everything in between.

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Why Work
With Bio Therm?

Proven industry leadership

For over 44 years, BioTherm has pioneered advanced greenhouse technologies. Our extensive expertise ensures each system is precisely tailored to optimize your agricultural operations.

Award-winning innovation

Our Roll’N Grow system, a 2022 finalist for Greenhouse Grower’s Technology of the Year, exemplifies our commitment to setting industry benchmarks for efficiency and performance.

Expert-endorsed solutions

Recognized in the Ball Redbook’s Crop Culture and Production Guidelines, BioTherm’s solutions come highly recommended for their effectiveness in improving heating and sub-irrigation practices.

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From boilers and aluminum fin pipe to dissolved oxygen, CO2 and air conditioning systems, we have all you need to create your perfect climate. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us!

Frequently Asked Question

Have more questions? Browse through our FAQs to find answers to common inquiries about the course, processes, and outcomes.

BioTherm’s Plantcentric® CEA system provides precise climate control, leading to improved plant health and higher yields. It is energy-efficient, reducing operational costs, and are designed for easy integration and scalability in various cultivation environments.

Yes, BioTherm’s Plantcentric® CEA system is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific climate requirements of various crops and cultivation setups, ensuring optimal growing conditions for a wide range of plant species. Plantcentric® CEA systems can be included as a part of your new build or retrofit.

Insect screen and netting can be included when applicable.

Light traps can be included when applicable.

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