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Project Spotlight – Michael’s Greenhouses

case study michael's hanging baskets
Michael’s hanging baskets.

Michael’s Greenhouses is located in Cheshire CT and has been owned and operated by the Arisco family since 1969.  Michael’s is a leading wholesale grower of annuals and perennials.  They also grow an extensive line of Easter products, hardy mums and florist quality poinsettias that serves independent garden centers, and high quality retail stores in the New England area.

Over the course of our long history, the greenhouse has undergone many changes.  With the automated production lines. computerized watering booms, hydronic heating systems, and greenhouses that open and close by themselves in anticipation of the weather.  These advances in technology have allowed us to grow bigger, hardier, healthier plants.

Our goal is to ensure that the quality of the product leaving our greenhouses and arriving at our customer’s door is second to none.  We continually strive to provide our customers with the highest quality plants and the best service possible.

michael's biotherm microclimate heater floor during installation
Michael’s BioTherm MicroClimate heated floor during installation.

Benefits of BioTherm Heating Systems

BioTherm bottom heating system has helped by shortening their growing time resulting in a higher level of efficiency saving them money, and healthier plants.

The BioTherm hot water overhead heat and snow melt which allows them to heat both the floor and the upper part where hanging baskets reside, while not having to worry about heating the volume of air in between where no plants are growing, thus saving money!

Michael's greenhouse thermal photograph

Thermal images explained

The thermal images show our microclimate tubing laid directly on the ground – without the cost of concrete.  The loops can actually be seen, and the uniformity of the heat is a perfect and very cost-effective way of creating a microclimate of warmth at the plant level.

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