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3 Ways to Provide Root Zone Heating in a Cannabis Greenhouse

greenhouse bench with root zone heating system

Utilize Root Zone Heating to Optimize Cannabis Growing Conditions

Controlling the heat within a light deprivation greenhouse is a challenge many cannabis growers are facing today. While these types of greenhouse structures are less expensive to build compared to indoor setups, it takes the right knowledge to accurately dial in the heating requirements of the cannabis plant.

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BioTherm Solutions Co-Founder and CEO, Jim Rearden, was recently featured in divulging important info about how to solve these issues and control the heat within a cannabis greenhouse. This post dives deeper into the different ways a grower can implement a root zone heating system to encourage thriving crops and decrease growth issues.

In the article, Jim explains, “in order to maximize production and to improve the plants’ sturdiness and health, cannabis plants should have a warm media temperature and cool air temperature. This saves a lot of energy and makes for much better compact, and branching plants: the media temperature rules everything in cannabis.” 

As pioneers in the greenhouse heating industry, BioTherm Solutions has and continues to craft innovative solutions that enable cannabis growers to fulfill their plants’ needs, particularly around the root zone. If you own or manage a cannabis greenhouse, read on to find out more about the different root zone heating solutions available for your unique set up.

1. Let Heat Rise Up to the Root Zone From Under Greenhouse Benches

root zone heating in cannabis greenhouse

If you are using a forced air system to heat your greenhouse, you are likely wasting fuel in attempts to heat areas of your space that don’t really benefit from it at all. Not only are you wasting resources, you are also wasting your money and time. This is where BioTherm Solutions under-bench, radiant heating systems come into play.

When installed under benches, radiant heating products, like the DuoFin, heat the air below the plants. It then rises naturally up to crops — specifically to the root zone. This method is quick and precise, so less heat is lost and plants get heat right where they need it, faster. 

2. Place Your Heat Source Directly On Your Greenhouse Benches or Floors

cannabis clones sitting on top of greenhouse bench hooked up with root zone heating system

Each cannabis greenhouse design is unique, and the experts at BioTherm Solutions have mastered the art of creating root zone heating systems that can be utilized within various growing environments or applied to different growing methodologies. It is our goal to help plants reach their optimal temperature, so you can grow happier, healthier crops. 

Our in-bench or on-bench systems allow you to place your plants directly on top of durable and effective MicroClimate and MegaTube tubing. This tubing is designed to tolerate high temperatures and different chemicals, and is excellent at transferring heat to the potting medium. You are able to precisely control the delivery of water flowing through the tubes, allowing the root zone to reach its optimal temperature due to its close proximity to the tubing.

Our enthusiasm for root zone heating has recently led to the development of our latest innovation, the Roll’n Grow mat system that allows you to simply roll out tubing on top of your benches or floor. You can now install root zone heating in a fraction of the time it used to take. Learn more about Roll’n Grow, here.

3. Install Your Heat in Your Greenhouse Floor

If you are in the design phase of your greenhouse build, you might be considering installing heat directly into your floors. Our tubing options, including the heavy-duty HDX tubing, can be integrated directly into your greenhouse design to save space while delivering heat from the ground up. Whether you are using concrete slabs or native soil, in-floor heating provides you with an efficient way to deliver heat right to the root zone.

Which Root Zone Heating System is Best for My Cannabis Greenhouse?

The best way to find out which root zone heating system is best for your cannabis greenhouse is to contact our experts at BioTherm Solutions. Our years of experience allows us to enter your greenhouse, see your plants and your structure, and determine the best solution for you. 

As Jim mentions in the Controlling the Heat in a Cannabis Greenhouse article, “we can serve growers of the future because we know so much about greenhouse work, as that’s what we have been doing for more than 40 years.” Do you want to grow better? Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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