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Roll’n Grow

Heating a floor area or a bench has never been easier! We offer our new Roll’n Grow® mat systems in multiple styles: one optimized for bench application and one that is just right for floor production areas. Manufactured right here in our Cotati production warehouse.

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Roll’n Grow

Roll and grow rolling out

We have developed a special one-of-a-kind machine that bonds with various types of heating tubes to weed barrier (black or white) or to open mesh (for bench applications).

The master rolls are up to 12’ wide, but we can provide widths to match your floor or bench needs. Simply roll the mat out on the surface, connect the manifolds and supply and return lines to a hot water source and pump. A thermostat with a soil probe controls the system based on media temperature.

Roll’N Grow Products in Production

roll and grow tubes diagram

Perfect Root Zone Heating

Roll’n Grow® is the perfect way to apply Root Zone Heating (RZH) to growing beds or benches! Like a carpet, your growing surfaces can now be covered with growth-enhancing gentle heat in a fraction of the time it used to take. The benefits of this type of heating are well documented, reduce fuel costs, increase production, more compact plants, and reduce disease problems. Produced in our Cotati, CA warehouse, and ready for immediate shipping. Request a quote today!



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