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Bare Roots Produce

Bare Roots Produce doubled their dissolved oxygen levels with BioTherm’s TOOB which immediately doubled their crop yield and improved crop quality.

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Grower Paula Simmons, Manager
Company Bare Roots Produce
Location Wilton, CA

With BioTherm’s TOOB, we were able to double our yield. It doubled the size of the head of lettuce. It’s just overall a healthier plant. It’s sweeter, juicier; it’s just changed our crop completely.

Grower Stories | Bare Roots Produce

Grower Stories | Bare Roots Produce

The Challenge

Bare Roots Produce grows live lettuce hydroponically in Wilton, California. They are introducing quality products to the everyday person. “Our DO level was consistently at 6 or 7ppm. Our water has quite a bit of calcium in it. Because of the calcium we were having to add potassium into our water.”

The Solution

BioTherm suggested adding the TOOB Dissolved Oxygen system to their growing operation.

“We’re still adding potassium but now that we have more DO (dissolved oxygen), we’re almost in a deficiency of calcium because the roots are taking up all the calcium that was originally in the water. So now we’re looking at adding back in calcium because the roots are growing so fast.

Our DO level was consistently at 6 or 7ppm of DO. When we put in BioTherm TOOB into our channels we were achieving 11-12ppm of DO, literally doubled the amount of dissolved oxygen. We were able to double the yield. It doubled the size of the head of lettuce. It’s just overall a healthier plant. It’s sweeter, juicier; it’s just changed our crop completely.

The BioTherm TOOB has helped us save a lot of money. We’re not spending it on nutrients and pesticides for our crops. There’s a lot more demand for our product and we understand that it has to do with the fact that the quality has changed with the help of BioTherm’s TOOB system.”

How It Works

Simply put, dissolved oxygen is the amount of oxygen that is dissolved in water. Just like humans and animals, your plants require an optimal amount of oxygen not only to survive but to thrive. Because oxygen is a gas and water is a liquid, the mixture of the two elements needs to be done efficiently to ensure the oxygen is dissolved properly.

Why is maintaining proper dissolved oxygen levels in your irrigation water so vital to your plant’s growth quality? The answer is simple, yet fundamental – root health.

Roots receive the essential elements your plants require to grow and thrive: water, oxygen, and nutrients. When crops do not receive a proper amount of dissolved oxygen, the root system weakens and compromises their ability to absorb nutrients. This puts your crops at risk for disease.

Studies have proven that elevating the dissolved oxygen levels in water results in increased root growth. Plants with bigger roots grow faster and healthier, due to increased nutrient consumption and distribution. Increasing the oxygen saturation levels maximizes your crop’s ability to utilize essential nutrients and defend itself from diseases and pests.

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