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Dissolved Oxygen

Increasing dissolved oxygen levels in your irrigation system is one of the most innovative ways to enhance your plants’ health and production. Our dissolved oxygen solutions are simple and efficient, easy to install, and scalable for your greenhouse’s or grow room’s irrigation needs. 

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Growers who understand the importance of high levels of dissolved oxygen in their irrigation systems produce higher quality products and see increased crop yields.

For cultivators with large oxygen needs or who are operating out of remote locations, maintaining ample oxygen stores can be a challenge. Oxygen tanks can be too costly and delivery can be unavailable to your area.

BioTherm is familiar with these common struggles faced by many greenhouse owners and operators. Our goal is to enhance your irrigation systems and maximize plant growth using cutting-edge technologies, all with efficiency in mind. Our products are proven to increase yields, improve plant vigor, and increase resistance to diseases and pests.

To combat industry pitfalls, BioTherm offers innovative solutions to growers serious about automating their dissolved oxygen supplies.

Enhanced Plant Growth with Dissolved Oxygen

Simply put, dissolved oxygen is the amount of oxygen that is dissolved in water. Just like humans and animals, your plants require an optimal amount of oxygen not only to survive, but to thrive. Because oxygen is a gas and water is a liquid, the mixture of the two elements needs to be done efficiently to ensure the oxygen is dissolved properly.

Why is maintaining proper dissolved oxygen levels in your irrigation water so vital to your plant’s growth quality? The answer is simple, yet fundamental – root health.

Dissolved Oxygen and Plant Root Health

Roots receive the essential elements your plants require to grow and thrive: water, oxygen, and nutrients. When crops do not receive a proper amount of dissolved oxygen, the root system weakens and compromises their ability to absorb nutrients. This put your crops at risk for disease.

Studies have proven that elevating the dissolved oxygen levels in water result in increased root growth. Plants with bigger roots grow faster and healthier, due to increased nutrient consumption and distribution. Increasing the oxygen saturation levels maximizes your crops ability to utilize essential nutrients and defend itself from diseases and pests.

BioTherm’s Advanced Dissolved Oxygen Water Irrigation Solutions

At BioTherm we have dedicated the last 40 years to providing growers with the tools they need to improve the quantity and quality of their product. Our greenhouse dissolved oxygen irrigation systems are designed to meet the needs of even the most unique projects.

Are you eager to maximize your plants health and growth potential? Contact us today to learn about saving time, energy, money, and labor, while maximizing your grow room’s crop yield.

Dissolved Oxygen Systems

The TOOB - Molecular Oxygen Infuser

The TOOB is a groundbreaking new way to economically boost dissolved oxygen levels in your greenhouse’s irrigation system and enhance plant health and production.

We have developed two oxygen infusers designed specifically for you in mind. Our Craft Grower TOOB is ideal for the hobbyist or small-scale grower. The Solo TOOB is best for larger-scale growing facilities. However, no matter the size of your growing operation, we can design a perfect oxygen-infusion system for you.


DO Stat

The DO Stat is our newest product in the Dissolved Oxygen lineup!

Your crop depends on consistency, and dissolved oxygen (DO) is a difficult variable to control, but the BioTherm DO Stat works in tandem with the TOOB to optimize DO levels at your setpoint. The DO Stat reads dissolved oxygen and temperature in your greenhouse’s irrigation line or tank and controls the oxygen infusion process.

The touch screen user interface displays realtime data and allows navigation to adjust settings and alarms. Dissolved Oxygen is indicated in mg/l (ppm) or in the percentage of saturation. The Dissolved Oxygen readings automatically compensate for the temperature effects on the oxygen solubility and membrane permeability.

Available with an Optical or Galvanic sensor.

O2 Generator

For customers with larger oxygen needs, we have the solution. The O2GEN (Oxygen Generator) was built to fill the specific need of our Oxygen Infusion customers.

Many greenhouses or grow operations are too remote for delivery of oxygen tanks or require amounts of oxygen that are cost-prohibitive for tank oxygen. Our generator provides 93%+ pure oxygen at pressures high enough for infusion, yet at flow rates low enough for precision control. Other generators or concentrator solutions on the market are unable to achieve this balance.

Built on a strong, but the lightweight aluminum frame and field-proven, the O2GEN unit is a must-have for growers serious about automating their DO experience.

DO Meter

The DO Meter was developed for measuring dissolved oxygen in the water. This is a rugged, portable dissolved oxygen (DO) meter designed to provide laboratory precision and accuracy under harsh environmental and industrial conditions. Simply drop the sensor into the water to test your current DO levels.

DOS-X Series

Our DOS-X™ Series of dissolved oxygen infusers are our newest take on dissolved oxygen infusion, capable of boosting dissolved oxygen content up to 40-45 ppm – more than 5 times of what can be found in nature! It utilizes a “mass transfer fiber” allowing for the generation of nanobubbles. When these nanobubbles “pop,” that oxygen is then absorbed and dissolved into irrigation water, resulting in the supranatural dissolved oxygen content modern horticulturalists are looking for.

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