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Manfred and Sons

Manfred and Sons installed BioTherm’s 2.0 In-bench heating system, which cut down fuel cost and use by 30% and improved crop health and consistency.

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Grower Manfred Orozco
Company Manfred and Sons
Location Annapolis, MD

The Challenge

Looking over his mounting fuel bills, Manfred Orozco was frustrated year after year by all the heat trapped at the top of his greenhouse while his plants were on rolling benches near the floor. He had problems with stunted roots, uneven growth, and cold spots.

The Solution

Manfred called 1-800-GET-HEAT and his BioTherm consultant recommended a BioTherm 2.0 in-bench heating system. The BioTherm rep explained how BioTherm 2.0 could be run between the frame and the surface of his rolling benches, to maximize his fuel dollars and even out his heat.

How It Works

By placing heat exactly where it is needed, at the root zone, Manfred’s greenhouse uses a 1/3 less of the fuel, saving them over 30% on their bill. They can now use this money on other projects in the greenhouse. Because he was able to set an optimum root zone temperature, his plants are robust and healthy, have less disease, all with quicker turns and better profits. The greenhouse no longer has cold spots, and Manfred has a healthier and more consistent cannabis crop.

The BioTherm 2.0 Heating System is a network of high performance and durable tubing, evenly spaced, and installed within the rolling benchtop. This system is designed to be affordable, tough, and proven to last years with minimal maintenance.

The tubes are connected to special manifolds that balance the flow of warm water produced by a Raypak highly efficient condensing boiler system.

BioTherm shipped all technical components pre-assembled for easy installation. Because BioTherm supplied clear instructions and technical drawings, Manfred’s crew had no problems installing the BioTherm 2.0 heating system. He also felt comfortable because an experienced technician was just a phone call away.

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