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In-Bench rootzone heating is an effective greenhouse heating distribution solution to create healthier, and higher yielding grow environments. These systems from BioTherm Solutions deliver the heat right to the potting media. For growers, these integrated root-zone heating systems cut fuel costs, save energy, and result in thriving, successful crops.

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BioTherm’s radiant heating products can be fully integrated with greenhouse benches to direct heat exactly where it needs to go — the root zone. Studies show that conductive in-bench heating systems save the most energy during all phases of a plant’s life.

For in-bench heating, our MicroClimate or MegaTube tubing is seamlessly designed into your bench system, saving you space throughout your greenhouse. Using extrusion and manifolding technology, these in-bench rootzone heating systems enable you to control temperature and timing of your heat output. With a controlled heating system, you can take the guess-work out of growing.

Our tubing is flexible, can be precisely customized to bench length, and is durable enough to last throughout the years. Some of our first clients in 1984 invested in bench heating solutions that have continued to work for them to this day!

BioTherm Solutions is happy to offer radiant in-bench heating systems that help cultivators maximize both the quantity and quality of their crops while saving time and cutting costs. Contact us today to learn more about designing a customized system that works for you.

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