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Time Olive Trees

Time Olive Trees saved their newly potted trees from freezing due to a sudden cold snap thanks to BioTherm’s MegaTube hydronic heating system.

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Grower Fred Rebeiz
Company Time Olive Trees
Location 4000 Bell Springs Road, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

The Challenge

“Time Olive Trees owned by Village of Time in the Texas Hill Country is famous for growing 6,000-year old olive tree varieties from the Mediterranean region. With a cold snap in the weather forecast, we needed a solution to keep hundreds of new potted trees from freezing. After local heating companies failed to perform, we were lucky to find BioTherm in California.”

The Solution

“BioTherm proposed a hydronic heating system using MegaTube™ around the pots. We installed the system just in time to save the young trees from a freezing night that they might not have survived without BioTherm heat.”

How It Works

“The MegaTube™ is in direct contact with the trees’ pots, so the hydronic heat conducts into the soil and roots inside the pot. Whenever the soil temperature drops below our set point, a sensor signals for heat from the boiler, which sends warm water circulating through the MegaTube™.”

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