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On-floor Heating

On-floor heating delivers heat where your plants need it most: the rootzone. Our radiant on-floor heating solutions are laid out on top of the environment floor for consistent heat production. Boost water and nutrient uptake for better quality crops, expedited harvest timelines and bigger yields.

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On-floor Heating Maximizes Time, Money and Energy 

To use our on-floor heating systems, lay them directly on top of the greenhouse floor. This system maximizes heat absorption by your planting medium and therefore your plants. Floor heating is so effective because rootzone temperature are more essential to plant growth than leaf temperature above ground. By switching from forced air heating systems to floor heating, commercial greenhouses grow better and spend less. 

Bedding plant growers often use on-floor heating solutions to protect pots and flats from sudden drops in temperature. This is especially important for tender crops that were moved outside to harden off, but the dramatic change in grow conditions made the process unbearable. Instead, lay out this heating system on one side of your greenhouse. Then, move plants from heated flooring to non-heated flooring for a similar effect. Our solution employs mats and tubes so you can set up your grow room as you see fit and move plants around from one area to the next during the growth cycle. 

Enhanced Facilities Using On-floor Heating Solutions

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