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BioTherm’s radiant heat tubing can be built directly into the floor or native soil. BioTherm’s radiant in-floor rootzone heating systems create the optimal long-term grow environment for high traffic greenhouses and grow rooms.

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With in-floor heating systems, tubing radiating heat can be built directly into the floor of many greenhouses and grow rooms. This makes sense for large areas that need heat on a regular basis. This radiant tubing can be combined with concrete flood or cascade floors for an efficient heating and watering system in one.

Embedded in-floor heating systems enables your floor to handle heavier traffic, higher weight loads, and larger volumes of heat distributed over wider areas. There is no set-up or tear-down, either; tubing is placed within the floor, allowing for foot traffic and plant placement wherever you need it most.

Not only do your plants receive heat at the most optimal spot, they will experience healthy growth where air temperature is significantly cooler than the root zone. You will see that this greenhouse in-floor heating system expend less energy with more significant results.

In-Floor Systems

Snow Melt Systems

In-floor heating systems not only help your crops, they can enhance the function of your operation for you as a grower. In areas where snow is a seasonal issue requiring maintenance and removal, BioTherm’s innovative solutions can help.

In the ground, anywhere you can pour concrete, you can deliver heat. Sidewalks can become self-cleaning from the snow, and loading docks can become safer and return to service faster in cold weather. When safety, liability, and dependability are important in the cold, concrete floor heating systems are a good choice.

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