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In-floor Heating

Get more out of your current greenhouse setup with less with in-floor heating systems from BioTherm Solutions. Our radiant in-floor heating solutions are built directly into the environment floor to deliver heat where it matters most: the rootzone. This creates optimal grow conditions for better water and nutrient absorption and significantly bigger yields. 

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Boost Productivity for Your Plants and Your Staff 

Because our in-floor heating solutions are built directly into the greenhouse floor, they serve dual purposes. One, these systems enable your greenhouse to handle heat efficiently and consistently so your plants never experience hot or cold spots leading to a more uniform grow climate. And delivering heat directly to the rootzone where plants need heat most boosts water and nutrients absorption. Plants grow bigger, stronger and produce more. Not to mention, an embedded in-floor heating system means a less crowded greenhouse floor for better foot-traffic and more economical plant placement. 

Second, in-floor heating means your walkways become self-cleaning in freezing weather. In areas where snow is a seasonal issue requiring maintenance and removal, BioTherm Solutions’s innovative in-floor systems are a lifesaver. No more worrying about black ice or snow pileup when your floors can literally thaw themselves. This means your employees can get back to doing important tasks rather than clearing away slip hazards.  

In-floor Heating Systems

Snow Melt Systems

In-floor heating systems not only help your crops, they can enhance the function of your operation for you as a grower. In areas where snow is a seasonal issue requiring maintenance and removal, BioTherm’s innovative solutions can help.

In the ground, anywhere you can pour concrete, you can deliver heat. Sidewalks can become self-cleaning from the snow, and loading docks can become safer and return to service faster in cold weather. When safety, liability, and dependability are important in the cold, concrete floor heating systems are a good choice.

Products for In-floor Heating

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