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Jumbo size manifold technology to work with a wide range of heating applications.

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Jumbo size manifold technology to work with a wide range of heating applications.

MegaTube™ is the Original BioTherm® MicroClimate’s “Big Brother.”

Using the same extrusion and manifold technology as MicroClimate, we created a jumbo size to provide a product that will work for a wide range of heating applications. Because of its high tolerance to temperature and chemicals and its excellent heat transfer characteristics, MegaTube will provide years of optimum temperatures as part of a Greenhouse Heating System.

MegaTube is most commonly used as root zone heating technology. We have customers who have used MegaTube running up and down each crop run, looping around the end and down to the other side. In a more popular application, MegaTube is used for in-bench applications. The tubing runs under the wire top or expanded metal of the bench through pre-fabricated holes.


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BioTherm MegaTube™
Wall Thickness.090"
Inside Diameter.375"
Outside Diameter.555"
Tensile Stregth1,500 lbs.
Durometer70 +-5
Max Pressure50 PSI
Max Temperature250°F
Heat Rating.4 btu/hr/ft°ΔTf
Uv ResistantYes
Shipping Weight45 lbs. per 500' Reel
Specification Sheet

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