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MicroClimate™ Tubing

The original energy-saving BioTherm bench top heating system.

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MicroClimate™ Tubing

The original energy-saving BioTherm bench top heating system.

BioTherm MicroClimate™

Our innovation of 1980 has helped thousands of growers beat fuel costs and produce healthier plants quicker.

Many imitations have hit the market over the years, but most of those companies have faded away. Because we do not cut corners on quality, we have many customers who have +20-year-old greenhouse heating systems. This was our first product and set the foundation for all of our greenhouse heating products since then. It’s perfect for propagation areas, seasonal use areas, or entire houses. This is one of the most flexible heating products ever developed for greenhouses.


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BioTherm MicroTube
Wall Thickness.057"
Inside Diameter.177"
Outside Diameter.291"
Tensile Strength1,500 lbs.
Durometer70 +-5
Max Pressure50 PSI
Max Temperature250°F
Heat Rating.22 btu/hr/ft°ΔTf
UV Resistant Yes
Shipping Weight28 lbs. per 1000' Reel
Specification Sheet

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