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BioTherm has been at the forefront of developing highly efficient greenhouse solutions since 1980.

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BioTherm Enhancement Case Studies 

For the last 40 years, BioTherm has been providing growers with innovative tools needed to improve the quantity and quality of their product. Our goal is to help growers like you optimize your greenhouse grow operation. Saving you time, energy, money, and labor, while maximizing your crop yield. 

At BioTherm, we specialize in climate control strategies to enrich plant health, such as proper greenhouse temperature control, CO2 Enhancement, and dehumidification. With growing solutions ranging from rootzone heating systems, greenhouse climate control, dissolved oxygen irrigation systems, to grow room heating solutions. Take control of your greenhouse or grow room with the best climate control solutions for BioTherm.    

Since 1980, BioTherm has been partnering with premiere greenhouse manufacturers and horticultural distributors around the world to deliver integrated solutions with your success in mind. From consultation to installation, our staff is dedicated to working with you every step of the way. 

We are proud of the role our solutions have played in the evolution of horticulture today. BioTherm’s products are integral to the success of many greenhouse and growing operations around the world. We are committed to your satisfaction and success with the solutions we provide and want to invite you to tell us how we can help grow your operation. We are a partner in your business, committed to delivering innovative solutions to increase crop yields, and cut costs.   

Hundreds of growers—including commercial tomato farmers, and cannabis cultivators—are using BioTherm to lower costs, improve crop yields, and enhance their growing environments. The cases described here are first-hand accounts of the innovative ways BioTherm has offered solutions to growers. Here are some of our valued partner’s success stories. 

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The BioTherm Process


Our experienced staff will walk through your specific wants and needs and show you how BioTherm can help.


BioTherm will design a custom engineered solution to meet your performance requirements.


Our easy-to-read proposal format clearly explains what’s in our system and how it operates.


Enjoy lifetime support of any BioTherm system! We are in this together.

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