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Emerald Garden

Emerald Garden replaced all of their greenhouses’ old underperforming dehumidifiers with energy-efficient DehuKing dehumidifiers from BioTherm.

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Grower Evan
Company Emerald Garden
Location Florida

The Challenge

Evan was managing greenhouses on several properties in several states. Humidity was always a problem in Florida, and Evan wanted to guarantee against any problems that might interfere with the company’s production goals. They had some Quest units running in one of the greenhouses, but some of those had rusted out. Before he replaced them, he decided to check the market for other options.

The Solution

Evan knew BioTherm from past experience and called for advice. BioTherm representatives asked lots of questions, gathering important information before calculating the dehumidification load and presenting several approaches to dehumidification. Evan chose to invest in an array of lightweight, energy-efficient DehuKing greenhouse dehumidifiers. He installed these above the canopy, suspended from the greenhouse trusses, to maximize growing space. To test the units in two identical greenhouses, his team ran five of the 2-ton DehuKing units against a competitor’s dehumidification in an identical greenhouse. The test results are not published, but Evan ordered more DehuKing for his other greenhouses.

How It Works

High humidity levels encourage mold, mildew, and other greenhouse pests. To remove humidity from the greenhouse atmosphere, venting is the most common solution. However, when the greenhouse is closed at night, venting is not an option. During those overnight hours, humidity levels must be controlled mechanically, while also maintaining the right temperature and VPD. DehuKing greenhouse dehumidifiers pull humid air through an intake filter, then over cooling coils that condense the water vapor into droplets then returning it to the greenhouse. DehuKing greenhouse dehumidifiers are made in the USA of stainless steel components, to endure the harsh growing climate. And they run on just 9 amps! There are seven sizes of DehuKing greenhouse dehumidifiers (and BioTherm also offers integrated solutions that deliver heating/cooling/dehumidification).

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