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Produce Alive

After installing Biotherm’s TOOB, Produce Alive saw 15-20% more crop yield, 30% heavier plants and saved 20% on fertilizer thanks to higher DO levels.

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Grower Erik Powell
Company Produce Alive
Location Loomis, CA
BioTherm TOOB | Dissolved Oxygen Infuser

BioTherm TOOB | Dissolved Oxygen Infuser

The Challenge

“I grow lettuce in ponds, and a Pythium outbreak really hurt my production. Root growth slowed down, and overall, my plants were not as happy as they could have been.”

The Solution

“As soon as I installed the TOOB, I saw increased growth.  When plants move from germination to the hydroponics, those first four or five days is stressful – you don’t know how the plants will respond to the change. The TOOB eliminates that stress from germination to hydroponics. The roots just exploded!”

How It Works

“Now I save 20% on fertilizer because of the TOOB.  My plants are more symmetrical, and I have 15-20% more yield. The weight of the plant has also increased by 30%. I only fill up my O2 tank about once a week. The TOOB is incredible. I’ll never grow again without it! If someday I have to go work for someone else or get another job, the first thing I would say is, ‘Get a TOOB.’ It’s made all the difference for my crop.”

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