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Provides high heat output and minimizes pipes.

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Provides high heat output and minimizes pipes.

BioTherm® StarFin’s™ tapered six-fin design has three times the surface area of two-fin designs or 51mm thin-wall steel tubing.

This increased surface area produces BioTherm StarFin’s high heat output, allowing lower water temperatures to be used while producing soft, gentle greenhouse heat.

High heat output cuts installation time and labor because fewer pipes are required to meet the heat load. Our large I.D. allows long loops with generous flow rates, resulting in greater evenness.


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StarFinStarFin Plus
Lengths Available12' standard. Custom lengths available.12' standard. Custom lengths available.
Aluminum Type6063-T5 extra hard alloy6063-T5 extra hard alloy
Pipe Weight1.96 lbs./ft.1.18 lbs./ft.
Shipping Weight17.89 lbs. per 12' length19.33 lbs. per 12' length
Water Volume.04 gallon/ft.064 gallon/ft
Inside Diameter1"1.25"
Pressure Rating125psi @ 230°F125psi @ 230°F
Gasket-30°F to 230°F-30°F to 230°F
WaterpH must be maintained between 7.5 ≤ -pH- ≥ 8.5pH must be maintained between 7.5 ≤ -pH- ≥ 8.5
Max Operating Temp.230°F230°F
Max Operating Pressure30 PSI30 PSI

StarFin Heat Pipe Output Ratings (Output based on 65° ambient temperature)

Water Temp (F°)130°140°150°160°170°180°190°200°210°220°
Output (Btu/hr/ft)149172195218241264286309332355
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