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1913 Holdings

BioTherm helped 1913 Holdings optimize their cannabis greenhouse for hot, humid Midwest summers with air conditioning and dehumidification solutions.

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Company 1913 Holdings
Location Missouri

Biotherm Solutions System

Raypak® Boilers

The Challenge

1913 Holdings is a new-build greenhouse located outside St. Louis, MO. In order to grow premium cannabis year-round, they needed a solution to mitigate the hot, high-humidity Midwest summers in their light-dep greenhouse.

The Solution

BioTherm provided a 4-pipe cooling and dehu system that used floor-mounted air handling units inside of a climate corridor that’s attached to the side of the greenhouse, allowing all climate equipment to be located outside of the grow space. BioTherm was able to extract the CO2 from the reheat boilers; essentially making the CO2 production FREE.

BioTherm was also able to incorporate an evaporative pad to utilize through their delivery system when the outside air is ideal, allowing them to shut off their mechanical HVACD system.

How It Works

BioTherm’s 4-pipe system uses a chiller to supply the air handler coils with cold water to drop the air temp to hit the dew point. The Raypak boilers supply hot water to the heating coils which will make the air condense and we can extract the condensate before it goes into the grow space. The air is then pushed through into the grow space via polyduct tubing located under the benches. The air that’s distributed is cool or temperature-neutral air that is not only dry but enriched with clean CO2. Allowing this air to be pushed up through the canopy from below gives the root zone the ability to absorb the dry, CO2-enriched air instead of fighting through the canopy from above.

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